Training A well-trained dog is a joy to live with…
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This introduces you and your puppy to vital social skills and basic commands, all while playing and having fun. We also address other topics such as exercise, grooming, and home safety. While “Star Puppy” is not a title, AKC does offer a certificate for successful completion.
This class helps you refine the basic commands your dog already knows, as in walking on a lead, sit, down, stay, recalls, and “leave it”. We also address bad habits such as jumping, chewing, and counter surfing, with the goal of gaining better control in both public and private settings.
Here, we take your dog’s training to the next level, further refining the skills you learned in Family Manners. We work on extending your dog’s attention and gaining more control as the leader of the pack. This is also a good predecessor to a therapy dog certification.
Warren County Kennel Club
AKC Star Puppy
Basic Obedience
Advanced Obedience
Rally Obedience
One of the best ways to begin the journey of becoming a dog trainer is to take your pup through Rally Obedience. Oringially designed as the entry point toward competetive obedience, “Rally-O” teaches you how to communicate with your dog, while providing a more low- key means of competition.
Drop-In Conformation
During the show season, this class gives owners/exhibitors a chance to prepare or tune-up their dogs just a few days prior to going into the ring. These sessions are not presented in a regular training format, but are flexible to address the issues, either with the dog or handling, each owner/handler wishes to address.
Main Exhibition Hall
All classes are held at the Warren County Firgrounds in the Main Exhibition Hall. The address is: 665 N Broadway St, Lebanon, OH 45036. Regular Student: $95 4-H Discount: $45 Drop in Conformation: $5 Drop in Obedience: $10 Drop-in CGC/CGCA Testing: $15 Click Here for more information.